Health & Life Sciences

With its large population, public health system, increased standard of living, and its growth as a major medical tourism destination, Turkey is an excellent market for a wide spectrum of Canadian medical products and services. The Ministry of Health is responsible for the construction, management, and operation of public hospitals, which serve about 90% of the population. There is also a strong privatization trend in Turkey’s healthcare sector and this is reflected in recently completed, and in the planned construction of, a number of private hospitals using the PPP model.

This opens the door for Canadian firms involved in the design, building, supply, training, accreditation, and operation and maintenance of healthcare facilities, especially those open to pursuing Joint Ventures with Turkish counterpart organizations. As an example of the projected increase in healthcare demand in the country consider that for just medical tourism alone the number of international patients expected to visit Turkey by 2023 is 1.5 million, double the number that visited in 2018.

Economic updates from Turkey